Blackbook Motorsport Forum

Blackbook Motorsport Forum

Blackbook Motorsport Forum

Blackbook Motorsport Forum

On August the 21th RaceMedia took part of the annual Blackbook Motorsport forum in London. The Black Book Motorsport Forum is a premier event on the motorsport calendar and the only place to find teams, promoters, automotive manufacturers, sponsor brands and significant service providers from across global motorsports all under one roof discussing the future of the industry.

Pierre Runic and Niclas Johansson represented RaceMedia who is a full member of the Blackbook community. During the event, we manage to connect with several new potential partners and sponsors, a work that we do continuously.
This event where designed for C-level individuals, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors and heads of departments from international rights holders, brands, OEMs, circuits, federations and key services in motorsport.

The agenda was filled with interesting topics, trends and influential speakers from a variety of brands and areas. Among the many subjects, we learned the latest from sponsorship, activation strategies, new revenue opportunities when it comes to packaging and distributing digital content to mention a few.

This is why we find the Blackbook Motorsport Forum a must to attend if you like to stay on top in the evolving business of motorsports

  • The main reason to attend if you are a rights holder
    Gather actionable insights to help your organization innovate in a fast-changing industry
    Learn from key areas of motorsport whether leaders in technology, digital, brand strategy or Esports
    Inspire and build new relationships with over 250 industry peers and experts across 7 hours of networking time
  • This is why to attend if you are a service provider
    Get first-hand insight into the direction of the future of motorsport from those that run the show
    Understand the needs of promoters, teams, OEMs, brands and other service providers across a variety of areas
    Meet with over 250 industry leaders throughout the day to expand your network
    Be in with a chance to win full hospitality at a premium motorsport event
  • If you represent a brand/sponsor, you need to be here
    Best practices in aligning brand and corporate strategy to boost business performance.
    Build customer loyalty by achieving brand consistency in an age of digital transformation.
    Learn how to strengthen your brand identity to increase fan engagement
    Stand out from the crowd by building your brand’s social media presence
    Gather insights to help you innovate continuously with flawless timing and execution for maximum brand exposure.

Besides the ton of useful contacts and information, we gathered we also joined an exiting e-sport event. During the day the delegates could test drive some racing simulators. The circuit was Silverstone and the objectives to drive an F3 as fast as possible for a couple of laps.
Many tried, and the leaderboard shifted during the day. Pierre was on the top 5 most of the time, but at the end of the day, he was the fastest one. After Pierre’s semifinal, which he won, he earned the pole position in the final race. After some start incidents with another fast driver, he manages to chase his way up and finish the race on P3. A fun and an exciting part of the event and a taste of whats coming in the booming e-sport format.

We thank Peter Jones and his fantastic crew for a grand event and hope to be back next year even more involved as a partner.

For more information contact:
Niclas Johansson

Tel: +46 (0) 708 53 85 35


Pierre Runic, RaceMedia focusing hard to get the fastest lap time.

Pierre Runic and the prize ceremony. 3rd place, well done!

Intense moments from the e-sport event at Blackbook Forum

More than 300 delegates showed up at the annual forum

Niclas Johansson, RaceMedia take a closer look at last years F1 from Renault

One futuristic Formula E on display

Check out some of the highlights from this year Blackbook Motorsport Forum

Mishcon de Reya – Summer Reception

Mishcon de Reya – Summer Reception

Mishcon de Reya – Summer Reception

Mishcon de Reya – Summer Reception

On July the 4th RaceMedia was invited to London to meet some of the influencers within the motorsport business. The event was arranged in cooperation with one of our UK partners, Black Book Motorsports, and the prestigious international law firm, Mishcon De Reya.

The event was held in their London office at Africa House during the biggest motorsport event in the UK, the British Formula One Grand Prix in Silverstone.
We were introduced by our partner Peter Jones at Black Book Motorsports to a number of very interesting potential partners and sponsors and we are thrilled to start doing our follow up work with those. During the evening we had the opportunity to put Pierre on a racing simulator where he raced head to head with a former F1 driver Will Stevens. Will has been driving both for Caterham and Marussia in F1 and gave us a lot of insight of the many difficulties getting a budget in place to race on a competitive level. How did it go? Well, Will won eventually but Pierre did well despite his lack of practice in that kind of simulator. They raced Silverstone, a track unknown for Pierre. However, he is invited to challenge Will on another occasion.

Please check out the latest about Will Stevens here:

About Mishcon De Reya:
They are based in London with offices in New York, Mishcon de Reya services an international community of clients and provides advice in situations where the constraints of geography often do not apply. The work they undertake is cross-border, multi-jurisdictional and complex.

Their clients are dynamic and sophisticated and they reflect that in their belief in challenging the conventional or accepted ways of working. They like to solve problems quickly and they fiercely guard their clients’ interests, recognizing the significant nexus between business affairs and personal affairs and the ways in which this affects their clients.

They appreciate the privilege of sitting alongside the clients as a trusted advisor. Building strong personal connections with their clients and their businesses is important to for them. It is for these reasons they say ‘It’s business. But it’s personal’.

Read more about Mishcon De Reya at:

For more information contact:
Niclas Johansson

Tel: +46 (0) 708 53 85 35


Peter Jones, Black Book Motorsports and Pierre Runic, RaceMedia

A Mishcon de Reya event photographer

Will Stevens and Pierre Runic, RaceMedia

London promotion – Brand Ambassador 2019

London promotion – Brand Ambassador 2019

London promotion – Brand Ambassador 2019

London promotion – Brand Ambassador 2019

Last week RaceMedia conducted a series of international promotion sessions and introductions in London with our first and assigned driver, Mr. Pierre Runic. This was the first activity in a series where we made a number of photo sessions with Pierre and partners in order to produce a broad selection of sample PR content with Pierre.

He is already working as a part-time model and driven by the significant interest he gets we look forward to matching him with suitable sponsors and brands. This is a part of our branding/launching campaign, both for Pierre as well as for RaceMedia. A series of film projects/vlogs are also underway and will be released soon. In these cases, we work with several well-known car brands/dealers and use Pierre as the driver and acting as the main character in the film. A sample from the first movie can be seen below. Please have a look!

Currently, we introduce the many partnership options that we offer to both national as well as international brands. Last weeks meetings in London was advantageous and forward-looking agreements where made getting us closer towards securing fundings for the TCR-season 2019.

With the public launch of Pierre Runic as one of our most significant assets, besides an already winning team, Bas Koeten Racing, RaceMedia believes that we will be reaching our financial goal in time for the next TCR-season.
Brands interested in using us/Pierre as a part of their overall marketing mix are more than welcome to contact us for an initial discussion about our marketing platform and the many B2B opportunities that we can provide.

Enjoy some of the imagery below from London with Pierre in action!

For more information contact:
Niclas Johansson

Tel: +46 (0) 708 53 85 35


Blackbook Motorsports 2018 – published

Blackbook Motorsports 2018 – published

Blackbook Motorsports 2018 – published

RaceMedia is in good company!

The annual edition of The Blackbook Motorsport 2018 is now published. The Blackbook is a SportsProMedia Ltd. brand who has its base in London and has been in operation since 2005. The well-distinguished media house is one of the leading players in the racing community.

The Blackbook is also a highly regarded publication, as it is an indispensable business tool throughout the racing industry and provides invaluable business insight from all of the leading motorsport series today. Here you can find revealing interviews from senior personalities and comparisons between the different racing series that includes Formula One, Formula E, NASCAR, Indycar, WEC, WRC, WRX, DTM, MotoGP and more.

The most significant reason for RaceMedia to be a part of the Blackbook Motorsport is the exposure and access to a hard-to-reach audience of successful, wealthy individuals within the tightly knit world of motorsport. RaceMedia will by this exposure have the opportunity to connect and promote new racing drivers with the big brands and make the entry into professional racing a little bit smoother. RaceMedia has been working tightly together with SportsPro and the people dedicated to the production of the book to communicate RaceMedia´s unique business concept that does specialize within the TCR platform.

Approximately 5,500 copies are distributed by mail to named subscribers – who is an exclusive and hard-to-reach audience of international motorsport Chief Executives, Sponsorship Directors, Circuit Heads and Senior Managers into the broader motorsport industry. Over 5,000 copies are distributed exclusively through partnerships, via track-side hospitality, and post-Grand Prix parties and sponsor events. Both routes ensure the publication ends up in the hands of influential industry decision makers.

We have already noticed an increased interest in our operation both from a growing web traffic and incoming calls and we are looking forward to stepping up our cooperation with SportsPro and Blackbook.

For more information contact:
Niclas Johansson

Tel: +46 (0) 708 53 85 35


Pierre Runic interviewed by Phil Kinch

Pierre Runic interviewed by Phil Kinch

2018 Pierre Runic Interview by Phil Kinch

I recently had the chance to speak with upcoming Swedish Motorsport talent Pierre Runic. Runic is a former Rotax Max Sportstil Cup Karting Champion who now is looking to take the next step in his career which is the move up to the TCR Series.

First of all Pierre, can you tell me a bit more about yourself?

“I’m a dedicated engineer, a beloved son, but a humble yet fearless person who have an ambition in becoming a top international professional race driver. I am highly motivated, doing everything with 110% effort,” explained Runic.

“I can’t be satisfied unless I’m pleased with my performance and that’s why I’ve become the perfectionist I am today. I love motor racing, and there is no other explanation more than I enjoy the feeling when driving on the edge. The adrenalin kick I get out of it means the world to me. The moment I put the helmet on, everything feels right.”

What are your hobbies outside of racing?

“I am very active outside of Motorsport. I love swimming, climbing, workout and tackling obstacle courses in my spare time. Another hobby I enjoy is filming, taking pictures and editing and use it for social media,” said the Swedish driver.

Photo Credit: Robin Kautto exclusively for

But most importantly, I like to spend time with my family. I’ve grown up in a big family that values time with each other, and I appreciate that a lot.”

What motivates you personally?

“While I was attending school with dreams of becoming a racing-car driver my father gave me a good lesson to learn,” explained Pierre.

“He said ‘Nothing comes easy in life, if you want to continue racing, then you need to show me that you can improve in school.’ From that day, I’ve been motivated to improve myself in everything I do !”

Can you explain why do you have chosen TCR Series competition for the next stage of your racing career?

”After a successful karting career, I need to take the next step, and the next logical step for me is in TCR Series competition.
It’s a very similar concept where you can race hard against drivers around the world on any given weekend in any country with so many series to choose from,”
said Runic.

“For up and coming drivers like myself, it’s a great chance to get into Touring Car racing at the Domestic level, before aiming to move on Regional and International level TCR competition. Some of the best tin-top drivers in the world are racing in TCR machinery, and I want to be up there with them.”

How did your association with RaceMedia begin?

“Niclas Johansson, The founder of RaceMedia and I have a long history that started at the beginning of my karting career. From time to time he worked with our kart racing team, 4WIN,” said the former Karting Champion.

“When he approached me many years later with this new venture regarding TCR Series Competition, I immediately like what I saw, and I signed up. The concept is a great way for a new driver to get a head start on the TCR-Platform and to reach out to many new potential sponsors.”

Explain the main advantages working with RaceMedia?

“The package I have with RaceMedia includes everything from connecting me with a team, research and validating sponsors to marketing, sales meetings, funding and finally a place on the grid in any of the TCR Series around the world,” explained Runic.

“All this is happening while I am still working as a full-time consulting engineer within the automotive sector.”

How are your plans proceeding for gaining support in 2018?

“Raising funds is always the hard part of securing a drive, and the workload for everyone involved has taken longer than we expected. Especially for a new driver like me who has no previous experience in TCR.”

“However, this is a long-term project for us. Many of the partners we are speaking to are already working towards helping put the 2019 budget in place. It’s possible that we might even get on the grid for 2-3 races during this year. Fingers crossed!”

RaceMedia have signed you up with Bas Koeten Racing for your TCR Series debut. Why do you think this is the best team for you?

“I know that Bas Koeten Racing is one of the best teams for me when I take the step up to touring car racing. They have a lot of experience in TCR Competition and compete in many different locations and series around the world.”

“Once I have the budget in place, I have been offered a shared drive in a couple of races in the 24H endurance series. With their vast experience and range of TCR machinery, I look forward to this opportunity.”

Finally, where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

”I see myself driving full time for one of the many TCR teams or even in the recently announced E-TCR series, collecting wins and podium places in one of the most competitive series around the world.”

Stay tuned on for more information about Pierre and his way to reach the TCR-World.

Phil Kinch, Official TCR Writer

For more information contact:
Niclas Johansson

Tel: +46 (0) 708 53 85 35


Photo Credit: Robin Kautto exclusively for

Photo Credit: TCR-Media




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