RACEMEDIA™ soon to launch an eSport business

RACEMEDIA™ soon to launch an eSport business

RACEMEDIA™ soon to launch an eSport business

RACEMEDIA™️ is currently selecting sponsors and commercial partners to join the RACEMEDIA™️ Global eSeries™️ with plans to race on famous racetracks around the world. During the series, brands will have the potential to reach up to 2 million registered players and millions of fans in over 100 countries.

Racing cars from leading automakers are slated to race on famous racetracks in each region. RM Brand Partners can leverage the global reach of these iconic car brands, to grow their engagement and customer bases. Each brand’s engagement in the series is custom designed to reach a global audience, with precise targeting to maximize conversion/ROI.

We also ensure exclusivity for joining partners and the potentiality to cooperate and extend your total reach among the other participating partners and networks.

eSport is a vital part of our growing portfolio to attract new partners. It is also a logical step for us to intensify our presence in all sorts of media and a tool for us to build a strong fan-base among the simulator racing enthusiasts. For our sponsors and partners, it is a way of reaching the “unreachable” audience — the ones who do not respond to the traditional advertising channels.

Your brand will get access to a twelve-month continuous multi-brand event reaching a worldwide audience embracing the lifestyle of motorsports and automotive.

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