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The massive cost development in all motorsport has made it harder than ever for young non funded drivers to move on in their racing careers.
 A refreshing exception from this is the fantastic TCR- concept. A series which we specialize in and offer as “launch pad” for new drivers with or without a ready budget. For that reason, the TCR-Series are also an excellent entry point for new industries, companies, and brands to use motorsports as a part of their strategic marketing mix.
During the past years, we have put all our focus into developing a platform designed for acquiring funds for racing drivers and introduce brands, rights holders and sponsors with new media opportunities.

RaceMedia interviewed by Paddock Magazine

It’s the only business publication in the motorsport industry. Now in its eighth year, Paddock magazine brings a sharper focus on the business and lifestyle of high-end racing.

Decades of experiences

RM´s experiences come from decades with skills in sales & marketing, design, start-ups, the IT-industry to mentioned a few areas of expertize. And above all this, we are passionately engaged in all motorsports.

RaceMedia works with several types of partners in different strategic locations around the world. Depending on how we will expand our operation, the kind of products and services we decide to launch, the variety of partners who will get on board, we constantly have to fine-tune our plans.

Our ideal scenario when it comes to partners is to work on longterm with leading brands in selected areas. Our job is successful if they refer others to partner up with us and be a part of our growing network.

RaceMedia is continually expanding our group of influential digital marketers, attracting more global sales executives and developing our network of strategic business partners. Currently, we have representations in London, Monaco, Stockholm, and Dubai and there are more to come.

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