RaceMedia signes Ambassadors Agreement with CCI Monaco News


RaceMedia has now signed a RaceMedia Ambassadors Agreement with, CCI Monaco News in Monaco. With their extensive network in the Mediterranean region and unmatched publishing platform, we believe that they will succeed as a selected partner with RaceMedia. Their reach only with email marketing is well over 120 000+ individuals in the chosen segment, and that list is growing. They are also intimately connected to a range of exclusive events like MIPIM, Top Marques Monaco, Cannes Film Festival, F1 Grand Prix Monaco, Cannes Airshow, Cannes Lions, Cannes & Monaco Yacht Shows, ILTM Cannes, St Tropez Polo and their own CCI Investment Forum Cannes/Monaco to mention a few.

CCI have a well-designed distribution/marketing system through electronic & hard copies used at all significant events mentioned above in the Riviera & Monaco area. CCl’s fully integrated award-winning social media connections will guarantee that this partnership will flourish and that RaceMedia´s long-term goals will be reached rather sooner than later.

Combined with our database and global publishing network, we believe that the brand awareness, as well as the interest for RaceMedia´s projects and services, will be exceptional.

CCI Riviera & Monaco Corporate Club gives us the very best, and most up to date coverage/audience available and makes them our leading international news/events distributor for the region.

We are already very enthusiastic about the results so far and looking forward to matching this platform with our media strategy for the sponsors and partners.

CCI has also found a new sales/marketing partner in RaceMedia which we are looking forward to developing further. Through our unique network and audience, we will have excellent opportunities to win new media clients for the exclusive CCI services. We will actively promote all their services and events throughout several targeted areas and make their offer a part of our broader marketing service portfolio. Hopefully, we will find overlaps in our respective agreements and build a successful alliance that will help both parties thrive over time.

CCI Riviera & Monaco News is the media division of Corporate Club International Monaco SA which is an exclusive members club that enables RaceMedia to reach our target audience editorially, electronically & network at all the significant events in the Riviera & Monaco area.

Niclas Johansson
Tel: +46(0)708 53 85 35
Email: management@racemedia.net




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