London promotion – Brand Ambassador 2019


London promotion – Brand Ambassador 2019

Last week RaceMedia conducted a series of international promotion sessions and introductions in London with our first and assigned driver, Mr. Pierre Runic. This was the first activity in a series where we made a number of photo sessions with Pierre and partners in order to produce a broad selection of sample PR content with Pierre.

He is already working as a part-time model and driven by the significant interest he gets we look forward to matching him with suitable sponsors and brands. This is a part of our branding/launching campaign, both for Pierre as well as for RaceMedia. A series of film projects/vlogs are also underway and will be released soon. In these cases, we work with several well-known car brands/dealers and use Pierre as the driver and acting as the main character in the film. A sample from the first movie can be seen below. Please have a look!

Currently, we introduce the many partnership options that we offer to both national as well as international brands. Last weeks meetings in London was advantageous and forward-looking agreements where made getting us closer towards securing fundings for the TCR-season 2019.

With the public launch of Pierre Runic as one of our most significant assets, besides an already winning team, Bas Koeten Racing, RaceMedia believes that we will be reaching our financial goal in time for the next TCR-season.
Brands interested in using us/Pierre as a part of their overall marketing mix are more than welcome to contact us for an initial discussion about our marketing platform and the many B2B opportunities that we can provide.

Enjoy some of the imagery below from London with Pierre in action!

For more information contact:
Niclas Johansson

Tel: +46 (0) 708 53 85 35





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