GR8, Great Experience ™, new strategic partner


GR8, Great Experience ™, new strategic partner

RaceMedia is pleased to introduce one of our latest strategic business partners, GR8, Great Experience ™.
GR8 Experience ™ was founded in 2005 and is one of Europe’s most significant supplier of Ferrari and Lamborghini driving experiences. Since then, they have delivered over 150,000 unique experiences in perhaps the world’s most rewritten super sports cars.

With its long tradition of being the leading experience providers in the super sports car segment, GR8 Experience ™ can offer several types of exposures on their cars — everything from full-fledged design solutions to sharing designs with some well-matching brands.
The vehicles are available for various promotion campaigns and events in desired markets. The car brand they usually use is Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg, Nissan, Porsche, and Audi R8.

Some of the exclusive events planned for 2019 are the Lamborghini/Audi On Ice Driving Experience, which will be carried out in Sweden during late winter 2019.
Both of these are highly attended events for both wealthy individuals and well-known brands/companies from around the world — an excellent tool to use to reward VIP customers or to offer their staff an unforgettable experience. They will also be able to provide participation in their premium event Drive & Dine, the week after F1 GP in Monaco. 
Lots of driving in super sports cars including test runs of the RMs Audi RS3 EventCar as well as exceptional food & beverage in Europe’s most exclusive environment. 

The company’s presence on all digital platforms is continuously increasing. At more significant events with partners, the media reach goes further, and they generate typically up to 6 million social views only in the Scandinavian markets.

We dare to say that GR8 Experience is among the most trustworthy and unique driving experience companies in Europe. On an event day, they deliver driving experiences for about 200 people in their Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Through their new partnership with RM, they can also offer the unique Audi RS3 LMS EventCar experiences to their customers. Experiences and exposure opportunities they are alone in the world to deliver.

RaceMedia and GR8, Great Experience ™ will cooperate in everything from livery design, digital campaigns, and physical events together with world brands and develop new and innovative platforms for razor-sharp marketing.

For more information about GR8, Great Experience check this link.

For more information contact:
Niclas Johansson

Tel: +46 (0) 708 53 85 35


Design samples on our Audi RS3 LMS Event




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