Business areas

We operate mainly in four different business areas.
Connecting sponsors, rightsholders and partners with race drivers.
Operate and manage chosen race driver/drivers during the season
Event Development (develop marketing tools, manage and execute sponsor events)
Emerging new media solutions.


TCR-SP (TCR Sponsor Program)
One of our main areas in which we serve is managing, marketing and connecting drivers with sponsors and funding partners. TCR-SP works like “Kickstarter” and uses an all-or-nothing funding model. If the sponsoring project doesn’t reach its goal, then funds don’t get collected. We then strive to combine this approach with established sponsors/investors offers to secure the project taking off properly nevertheless.

Currently, we are fine tuning our business models in this area, and therefore we are only working with one driver at a time. When his first season is secured and he is up and running, we could ultimately decide to take on additional drivers in our TCR-SP or to stay focused with only one dedicated driver, and push him all the way to the top.


Driver Management (DM)
Setting the driver up with the team, sponsors, and the car brand is just the tip of the iceberg in this roll. Marketing, meetings with sponsors, negotiations, fulfilments of different deals, administration during a race, medical and physical tests, is other duties involved.

The goal is that the driver should do what he does best, drive as fast as possible with as little administrative hassle as possible.


Event Development
During the last year, we have developed an extraordinary tool for enhancing any client/partner/sponsor event. The first and only street legal AudiRS3 TCR LMS Racer is born. With this concept car in full service, we will put RM with partners in the spotlight for a long time onward.

The car is a close replica of the 2019 race car livery and will be used frequently as one of our first-class marketing tools. Besides the ad-space on the livery, we can offer co-rides and co-drives with the car, on tracks, streets, and at events.

The vehicle will be one of the first connected to social media with a variety of features onboard to market ourselves and our partners. Live-streaming from the car will be just one of the unique selling points related to the vehicle.

We see it as an exclusive commercial tool for building fans, selling merchandise and as a tool for promoting sponsors and partners. With the car in production, we are offering our partners presence in all type of medias 365/24/7!

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