Blackbook Motorsports 2018 – published


RaceMedia is in good company!

The annual edition of The Blackbook Motorsport 2018 is now published. The Blackbook is a SportsProMedia Ltd. brand who has its base in London and has been in operation since 2005. The well-distinguished media house is one of the leading players in the racing community.

The Blackbook is also a highly regarded publication, as it is an indispensable business tool throughout the racing industry and provides invaluable business insight from all of the leading motorsport series today. Here you can find revealing interviews from senior personalities and comparisons between the different racing series that includes Formula One, Formula E, NASCAR, Indycar, WEC, WRC, WRX, DTM, MotoGP and more.

The most significant reason for RaceMedia to be a part of the Blackbook Motorsport is the exposure and access to a hard-to-reach audience of successful, wealthy individuals within the tightly knit world of motorsport. RaceMedia will by this exposure have the opportunity to connect and promote new racing drivers with the big brands and make the entry into professional racing a little bit smoother. RaceMedia has been working tightly together with SportsPro and the people dedicated to the production of the book to communicate RaceMedia´s unique business concept that does specialize within the TCR platform.

Approximately 5,500 copies are distributed by mail to named subscribers – who is an exclusive and hard-to-reach audience of international motorsport Chief Executives, Sponsorship Directors, Circuit Heads and Senior Managers into the broader motorsport industry. Over 5,000 copies are distributed exclusively through partnerships, via track-side hospitality, and post-Grand Prix parties and sponsor events. Both routes ensure the publication ends up in the hands of influential industry decision makers.

We have already noticed an increased interest in our operation both from a growing web traffic and incoming calls and we are looking forward to stepping up our cooperation with SportsPro and Blackbook.

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Niclas Johansson

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